IOS SWIFT 求大神讲解RAMAnimatedTabBarController的用法


Create a new UITabBarController in your storyboard or nib.

Set the class of the UITabBarController to RAMAnimatedTabBarController in your Storyboard or nib.

For each UITabBarItem, set the class to RAMAnimatedTabBarItem.

Add a custom image icon for each RAMAnimatedTabBarItem

Add animation for each RAMAnimatedTabBarItem :

drag and drop an NSObject item into your ViewController
set its class to ANIMATION_CLASS (where ANIMATION_CLASS is the class name of the animation you want to use)
connect the outlet animation in RAMAnimatedTabBarItem to your ANIMATION_CLASS Demonstration video for step 5

看了用法尤其是不太明白第五步,给的教学连接还得翻墙才能打开,我不会翻墙,所以请用过的大神或者能翻墙看到视频的大神讲解下如何把 NSObject item拖进ViewController中呢?